The 8th Trial Master Summit in Orlando, Florida from January 22nd-24th will feature over 250 attendees, 64 expert speakers, 37 educational sessions, 13 case studies, and over 10 hours of networking opportunities with with conference attendees. 

The 2018 summit featured 40% more sessions and 30% more speakers than 2017. The 8th TMF Summit will continue to expand offerings by adding a third track on day two so that participants may better tailor their experience to their particular needs. Takeaways include:

  • tactics for streamlining operations
  • strategies for collaborating with CROs
  • ideas for embedding inspection readiness
  • tools for plying risk-based QC for data integrity
  • orientation to the future of automation and AI
  • metrics for oversight of trials
  • information on inspection trends
  • lessons learned to support and develop staff

Details around winning the course: The course must be held virtually at a mutually agreed upon date.

These are the courses you can win.

TMF Overview (TMFIN01)

Get introduced to the TMF. Learn why it is so critical to the success of your trial, and how regulators influence TMF management practices.

TMF Storage (TMFST01)

Learn about TMF storage practices and options: electronic, paper, and a combination or hybrid of both. Understand the Regulators’ view of TMF storage.

Document Recognition (TMFRG01)

Learn to recognize TMF documents and what documents to expect in the TMF over the duration of the study.

Document Quality Control (TMFDC01)

Learn the importance of performing consistent and timely document QC. Get hands-on practice QCing documents using proven processes and tools.

Inspection Readiness (TMFIR01)

Take an in-depth look at preparing for an inspection. Get prepared and stay that way.

TMF Quality Control (TMFQC01)

Learn about best practices for TMF QC. Explore 3 ways -prospective, retrospective and oversight- to perform TMF QC and ensure continuous inspection readiness.

Additionally, we will be giving away an amazon echo each day of the conference! Be sure to register below for a chance at these awesome prizes!

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