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eTMF Placeholder: The Mirage of the TMF

When I was first introduced to the concept of Placeholders (PHs) for eTMF over four years ago, I was SO excited! We were in the process of performing TMF reviews for hundreds (yes, hundreds) of studies. I thought, “YES, FINALLY, some intelligent engineer has figured out a way to determine TMF completeness automatically! We don’t … Read more

Veeva 2016 Paperless TMF Survey

At the 2016 Drug Information Association (DIA) conference in Philadelphia a few weeks ago, Veeva released the third annual Veeva 2016 Paperless TMF Survey. The goal of this 13-question Survey (many of which included sub-questions with response matrices) was to further understand the impact of the electronic TMF (eTMF) adoption on clinical processes and the … Read more

Five Reasons Why TMF Training is Important

Training is a vital component of workplace efficiency especially when it comes to one of the most important deliverables of a clinical trial – the Trial Master File (TMF). Perhaps that’s why, according to a recent article in Forbes magazine, US companies spent over $70 billion on corporate training in 2014, an increase of 15% … Read more

5 Pillars of the Trial Master File (TMF)

To build a strong TMF that is not only inspection ready at all times, but also reliable and credible is essential for the reconstruction of the conduct of any clinical trial during an audit or inspection process. The following 5 pillars of TMF success facilitate efficient trial management: 1. Standardized processes: There’s more than one … Read more

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