TMF University Trial to Triumph: A Look Into Learner Experiences

It is hard to believe that the inaugural TMF University Cohort began in February of 2021.  In the year since TMF University has made a splash within the TMF Community, we have had over 100 participants enroll and take part in this opportunity.  We have engaged with participants and gain their feedback into the triumphs and tribulations of TMF University and are excited to share some of that feedback with you.

Learners have shared some of the more challenging aspects of TMF University, and they include:

  • Learner Bias:
    Learners have expressed that at times it can be difficult to engage with material with a “best practice” mindset and leave their organizational and personal experience bias behind.
  • Workload Balance:
    As we know, clinical research is a fast-paced and demanding field and sometimes the demands of our workload impact our ability to prioritize TMF University
  • Assessment Portfolios:
    At times, learners have shared portfolios can seem like a quite daunting task.  The assessment portfolios used in TMF University are designed to challenge learners to think critically and robustly about the various TMF topics discussed.

Despite some of the challenges faced by learners, we have also received feedback about the opportunities provided by TMF University:

  • Industry Best Practice:
    Learners continue to be impressed with the inclusion of industry best practice and regulatory requirements to help them understand needed process change within their organization.
  • Agnostic Approach:
    The system and organizational agnostic approach taken within TMF University allows learners from any institution to apply the knowledge gained to their current working environment.
  • Focus on Areas of Interest:
    Learners appreciate the opportunity to focus on key areas of interest within TMF Oversight and Management.

Lastly, we wanted to share some feedback on the more rewarding aspects of TMF University, and what learners have shared as unexpected highlights of the program:

  • Cohort Engagement:
    Our learners recognize the value of a group learning environment, a diverse group of professionals with unique experiences and insight.  Learners agree that this knowledge sharing is a key highlight of the program!
  • Assessment of Knowledge:
    Although the assessment portfolios can be challenging, learners continue to agree that they are the best way to test their own understanding of TMF best practices.
  • Course Content and Feedback:
    One of the most consistent areas of learner recognition is the ability to take a deep dive into many areas of TMF Management and Oversight throughout TMF University.  Learners also share that the ability to ask real-world questions within the learning environment is helpful!

If you have interest in TMF University, reach out to our team, we are happy to provide more information!