Meet the LMK Team: Marielle Hewitt

At LMK, we consider our dedicated team the key to our success. This month we interviewed Marielle Hewitt, one of our diligent TMF Support Analysts. Marielle has been with our organization for five months, and her contributions are crucial to our success. Learn about Marielle’s key role at LMK, her most memorable project, and the three applications she can’t live without.

What has been the most memorable project you have worked on at LMK?

My first project also happened to be the most memorable project I have worked on. The entire team, including our Project Manager, had a great rapport. Although the task was challenging, it was so much fun working together! 

If you could only have three applications on your smartphone, which would you pick?

I can’t live without iHeartRadio, Netflix, and Lumosity.

What is the most effective way for you to get feedback?

I appreciate the honesty of verbal communication, but sometimes written feedback, such as emails or reviews, gives the other person more freedom to express themselves.  

If you had to pick one song to play continuously in the background of your everyday life, what song would it be? 

Without a doubt, “The Swan.” It’s such a relaxing song ????  

What’s something you believed earlier in your career, but think about differently now?

I thought you had to climb the corporate ladder quickly, and in one direction, to be successful and happy. 

What skills, or talents, are necessary to be effective in your role?

Flexibility to change and adapting quickly to the needs/wants of different clients. Also, being a positive and supportive teammate is always essential! 

Why did you decide to work for LMK?

The work and services LMK provides and the people I met through the interview process, solidified my decision. 


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